Chimica Matrix

A cyclic and dynamic scupture

The sculpture refers to the film “La Possibilité d’une Ile” by French writer Michel Houellebecq in which human clones are created by pouring in a water tank the pure chemical elements a human body is made of.

The 2,5m high sculpture is composed of three elements. In the center, a clear PMMA tank is filled with fresh water through a pump & filtering system. On the top, five smaller aluminium tanks contain water-based inks which are very slowly poured in controlled sequences into the water tank, creating subtles 3D liquid sculptures. The lower legs accomodate the electronic and hydraulic technical parts.

The strong aerospace-like aspect of the structure contrasts with the soft, slow-moving, evanescent swirls of water it creates. When the tank is filled with colored inks, the system resets : the tank is emptyed, cleaned and refilled with fresh water. The inks are slowly poured again for another 90 minutes cycle.

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