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Self portrait, march 2017, from the Revealed Identites series

Renaud Marchand

I once studied to become a mechanics engineer, then gave-up upon realizing that it meant I would be an employee all my life.

So I turned into a journalist, then a commercial photographer, a designer, an ad and TV-commercial producer, an editor, a restaurateur, a real-estate developer…

I was always creative in my endowments, but I spent most of my time avoiding what I didn’t want to admit: that I am truly an artist. Big, scary word.

I try to cope with it now, and I am never so happy as when I am creating art. It often looks polished and clean, but it is however an art coming from deep inside, against all logics and sometimes despite my own will. Like the Love-Hate series I am still working on ten years after divorce, or the ironical Fuckin Money series that came upon recent near-bankrupcy and sorrow from feeling betrayed.

So, here it is, a least a part of it. Enjoy it… or not, according to your own taste.



Donald Dunno Trump Humanicide

Make America Gullible Again

Donald Dunno Trump humanicide follows the visual references of consumer insecticides.
As toxic as the long-time banned DDT, Donald Dunno Trump’s humanicide spray Kills them all : Mexican rapists, Muslim terrorists, illegal aliens, L.G.B.T. scumbags, Chinese creepy asians ; but it is Safe for Native Americans. An affirmation soon belied on the back of the can – in pure D.D.T. fashion –  the chemicals being also harmful to Democrats/ Ecologists/Human rights activists/Arms control lobbyists and even Non blondes with small boobs in reference to the women of his life and his critics towards others.

Make America Gullible Again, such is Donald Trump’s true motto and the main reason for his hard-to-believe popularity.

Renaud Marchand, 2016
Spray can, mixed materials, 11”x21/2”

Chimica Matrix




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